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  • Paul and Philippa

    Hi Team,
    Love the new site…looks fantastic!!!
    Noticed however that the docs attached to the Code of Conduct are incorrect (double up of the Rego Form)
    Also need provision for those that have already paid the $120 registration to GGCRBA directly…therefore adjusting the final balance for Club….is that correct??
    As such I haven’t gone ahead with Charlie’s registration with Heat at this time.

    • Nadia Hutton

      Hi. The $100 Registration Fee to GCRBA is separate to the Club fee.
      This is paid in step 1 via the link under the Register Now tab.
      Step 3 ask you to fill out a registration form. This is for the Club records, once this has been filled in you will then be directed to a page to make the last payment of $295 which will go directly to the club.

      Thank you for letting me know about the double up of forms.


      Heat Basektball

      • Luke

        Hi Nadia,

        I have paid Mikaela’s GC fees separately but my order 2303 says 295 + 100 = $395. Must have accidentally selected the $100 deposit which seems to be pre-selected when you select the $295 payment from the page before. Can I use this order number but just pay the $295? Thanks Elissa

  • robyn harbulot

    hope the registration for peter came through tonight,

  • Sharon

    Hi, I am ordering the uniform but it is not adding it to the cart for payment. How do we order and pay for the uniform? thanks

    • Nadia Hutton

      Hi Sharon,

      We have had some problems with the ordering of uniforms. There was a security update and our system did not automatically do it. We are now manually doing this. It should be up and running tonight.
      Regards Admin

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