In the 2016 Winter season Heat Basketball club had the honour of taking out the Gold Coast Basketball Junior Club Shield.

As a club we are hoping to retain even improve on that award in 2017. We believe that by focusing on both individual and team development we can achieve that and thus have made a few changes to our training methods. For this coming season we are moving away from group trainings and focusing on team trainings. Our aim is to have each team training as a team preferably with a coach that will be the game coach as well. We will also be focusing on coaching development and aim to have our experienced coaches supporting the parent and junior coaches in this.

What players can expect

In order for players and teams to benefit from team trainings we need to have all players coming to the trainings. To that end players will be required to give at least 24hrs notice with a valid reason if unable to attend trainings. Notification will be to the team manager and passed immediately to the coach for adjustment to session planning. Players that do not attend training can expect shorter playing time in the following game.

At team trainings all players will be expected to be respectful and give their best effort to all tasks set by the coach. Whilst we want you to have fun there will be no tolerance to disruptive behaviour.

All players are expected to follow the player code of conduct. In particular coaches will be applying appropriate reprimands to players displaying un-team like behaviour.

We know every player will be wearing their jersey with pride and honour and are excited to show the other clubs how great our Heat Basketball club is.