Register Now For The Gold Coast Basketball Winter Competition

The Winter Competition is the longest competition at a Club level for junior members on the Gold Coast in a calendar year.  The competition is a little more competitive than the Summer competition as all of the Gold Coast Representatives return to play at Club level.

The competition runs in total of 22 rounds which are broken down into:-

  • 6 Rounds of Pre-Season grading games. (24th of February to 31st of March)
  • 14 Rounds of Championship Season.  (21st of April to 5th of August, 2017)
  • Semi Finals (11th of August, 2017)
  • Grand Finals (18th of August, 2017)

The pre-season grading games are designed for making sure that the team and individual players are in the correct team and or division. Players can be moved from teams within the club to ensure that they are well suited for that team.

  • Once the Championship Season has started there can be no changes to the team.
  • Players will need to play a minimum of 8 games in the Championship season in order to qualify for Semi Finals and Finals games.
  • You will also need to play a minimum of 8 games if you are intending to play Represented Basketball.
  • Players are able to play up an age group as a fill in player if the team requires extra players.
  • If you are playing up an age group on a permanent basis fees will apply which will be set by the committee.

The Fees are:-

U9’s $265.00 for the Winter Season / U11 to Under 20’s $295.00 for the Winter Season

This payment is to Heat Basketball Club Inc. and this covers the cost of training, game fees and associated fees.


Basketball Queensland and Gold Coast Basketball Fees are:- $100

This covers the cost of player registration and player insurance and expires on the 31st December 2017

*Please note there is also a $3.90 processing fee added to this transaction per child.


Heat Team Trials

This year Team Trials will be held over 2 weekends.

  • Friday the 3rd of February, 2017
  • Saturday the 4th of February, 2017


  • Friday the 10th of February, 2017
  • Saturday the 11th of February, 2017

Please see the chart below to find your correct age group.

Year Born Your Age this year Playing Group
1998 19 Under 20’s
1999 18 Under 20’s
2000 17 Under 20’s
2001 16 Under 17’s
2002 15 Under 17’s
2003 14 Under 15’s
2004 13 Under 15’s
2005 12 Under 13’s
2006 11 Under 13’s
2007 10 Under 11’s
2008 9 Under 11’s
2009 8 Under 9’s
2010 7 Under 9’s
2011 6 Under 9’s

This is for both boys and girls.